Hotel Cristallo

Venice Lido

Eurovelo 8

28 January 2018 to 30 September 2019

Eurovelo 8 actually starts from the Atlantic, more precisely from Cadiz, in Andalusia.
Crossing Spain, part of France and northern Italy, we finally return to the protagonist of Eurovelo 8, the Mediterranean, when we arrive at Venice Lido; after having visited the main attractions, its sandy beach where you can relax for a couple of days, visit the wonders of the historic city back to the mainland to head, always in the plains, to Trieste and continue to Croatia, Montenegro and end in Greece .
The Lido of Venice is an excellent intermediate stop that will allow you to rest a few days and enjoy the benefits that the Hotel Cristallo offers, it is also a possibility to divide the tour into 2 parts, being Venice with 2 international airports and intercontinental. Bringing a sheet with the stamps of the hotels visited during the journey and making a stay at the Hotel Cristallo in Venice not less than 3 nights booked at our site, we will be happy to offer a boat ride through some of the most beautiful islands in the lagoon and a nice tribute.